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There are several avenues to earn additional income from adopting sustainable farming practices. 

Over the coming months we will be sharing specific opportunities for Agreed members and for now are highlighting some of the existing organisations and opportunities that are available.


Wild Farmed

"More than Flour" — A community of farmers, bakers, growers, chefs, cooks, experienced and rookies.

Root Zero

We are on a mission to have a positive impact on our planet.

Sell Locally / Directly​

Pulses, Grains, Flour & More From British Farms

Hodmedod works with British farmers to provide pulses and grains from fair and sustainable UK production, organic where possible. We supply dried and canned beans and peas, wholegrain quinoa, pulse and quinoa flour, fermented bean paste, roasted pulse snacks, cereal grains and flours. BBC Food & Farming Award winners!

Carbon Markets / Natural Capital​


Supporting farmers to make a sustainable and profitable transition to regenerative agriculture. Agreena is working to enable environmental and financial sustainability in agriculture - farmers first!

Soil Heroes

Helping you on your journey with regenerative agriculture. There is a new way to farm our land. Over the last decades the case for regenerative farming has become inarguable.