Helping farmers profit, naturally.

About Agreed

Our mission is to support farmers in the transition to more sustainable, regenerative farming practices. 

This includes providing access to a network of farmers trialling and experimenting with new practices, advice and guidance on trialling practices on your own farm and access to a range of suppliers that can provide the inputs and machinery needed to start your journey. 


Kelly Price

Biologist, Entrepreneur

  • Biologist with focus on soil science
  • Launched and exited 2 oncology businesses 
  • 20 years in Data Analytics

Sarah Power

Change Management Expert

  • Behavioural change with Agriculture focus
  • Former Partner at Global Consulting Firm
  • MSc Carbon Management

Reed Walker

Satellite Data Commercialisation Expert

  • Electrical Engineer 
  • Former NASA data commercialisation consultant
  • Former Tech start-up CFO